Magic: the Gathering mana symbol pictographic font
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All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.


  • v2.0 updates to add all digital product tokens and counter symbols, fix the core numbered casting cost icons, and modernize this project.
  • Update this changelog for better formatting
  • Crop original full-width symbols to actual width


[1.14.0] 2021-07-14 Strixhaven schools

  • Added: Lorehold, Prismari, Silverquill, Quandrix, and Witherbloom school symbols added, including dual layered support

[1.13.0] 2021-07-10 D20, alternate white symbols, basic ligature support

  • Added: D20 ability symbol from Arena
  • Added: Alternate white mana symbols (the original pre-Ice Age symbol and the recent List variant) (#70)
  • Added: Arena's snow mana symbol variant (#69)
  • Fixed: Missing variable in _variables.scss for .ms-ability-grad added (#64 and #76)
  • Fixed: Kicker icon is no longer overwritten by the static ability icon in the Sass version (#65)

[1.12.1] 2021-07-08 SVG files

  • Added: missing SVG files for the most recent abilities and type symbols.

[1.12.0] 2021-07-08 AFR abilities

  • Added: Only seems to be 1 ability symbol in Arena for AFR: venturing into the dungeon. Wizards calls this "Dungeon" so we're naming it that as well.

[1.11.0] 2021-07-06 More Arena ability symbols

  • Added: Ability symbols for Boast, Foretell, Magecraft, Learn, and Ward
  • Added: Lesson DFC symbol

[1.10.0] 2020-12-21 Color indicators

  • Added: Color indicator symbols added for all color combinations (#40)
  • Added: New variables added for colors used in project as the beginning of getting all of these things into variables
  • Fixed: Sass variables were not called correctly in _duo.scss, this is now fixed

[1.9.4] 2020-10-10 Kicker, Party, and Landfall abilities

  • Added: New ability symbols in Arena for Kicker, Party, and Landfall.

[1.9.3] 2020-09-23 Corrects evergreen class name

  • Fixed: It's not evergreen abilities that get colorized in Arena, it's set-specific mechanics/abilities. The class name is corrected to be .ms-mechanic.

[1.9.2] 2020-09-23 Adds evergreen color support

  • Added: Class .ms-evergreen on ability symbols will apply the gold gradient effect in Arena.

[1.9.1] 2020-09-04 Modal DFC symbols and Multicolor/duo support

  • Added: Two new double-faced symbols for modal-face and modal-back added, from Zendikar Rising #54
  • Added: Multicolor symbol with dual-layer support; add .ms-duo and the multicolor symbol uses both glyph layers, and adding .ms-grad makes it look like the Arena one with a gold gradient background #43

[1.9.0] 2020-09-03 All Arena ability symbols!

  • Added: Excited to add all 53 ability symbols from Arena! This was a big task as many had to be drawn from scratch! #41, #53, #52, and #44
  • Fixed: Some outdated SVG issues with the existing type symbols have been corrected
  • Added: SVGs are now shipped #51

[1.8.0] 2020-08-21 Arena ability initial release

  • Added: All ability symbols from Arena #41
  • Fixed: All .scss files are cleaner and a bit more optimized; probably going to move to Sass soon

[1.7.0] 2020-08-20 Birthday release with MODO counters!

  • Added: All counters from Magic Online #39
  • Fixed: Cleaned up some NPM package info and project meta data

[1.6.0] 2020-01-30 Saga and Acorn symbols

  • Added: Acorn counter symbol from Unsanctioned (#48)
  • Added: Saga hexagon symbol from saga cards (#47, #35)
  • Fixed: All current loyalties are now supported, including -25 (#42) and -X (#45)

Previous (to fix)

  • v1.5.0 - updated readme on editing the source; new icons for MTGO counters
  • v1.4.1 - half mana symbol fix using just the icon element (issue #6)
  • v1.4.0 - big update: artist, Poleis, power/toughness, DFC enchantment, and multiple type symbols added; simplified split cost handling; more planeswalker loyalties; SASS support
  • v1.3.2 - incrementing for new npm publish and jsDelivr note; fixed docs
  • v1.3.1 - fixed class name issue for 1,000,000 symbol
  • v1.3.0 - added Guild and Clan symbols
  • v1.2.0 - added DFC symbols for the Origins planeswalkers (ignite and spark) and the Eldritch Moon meld cards (emrakul and moon)
  • v1.1.0 - added the new Energy symbol
  • v1.0.1 - added classes for -12 and -14 loyalty (sorry Jace and Karn!)
  • v1.0 - new documentation page at
  • v0.6 - adding double-faced card symbols (day, night)
  • v0.5 - adding the new colorless wastes symbol
  • v0.4 - adding classes for 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20 symbols
  • v0.3 - phyrexian mana classes use MTGJson standard; project-specific LESS prefix added (@JayGray)
  • v0.2 - Flashback symbol added
  • v0.1 - initial font creation and CSS/LESS files added